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The Full Story

 Florida Born and Raised. Virgo. Mom of two. Wife. Sister. Winter Springs Native. Lover of all things Extensions and Blonding. 

Coffee fiend. Theme Park addict. Foodie. 

Binge-tv watcher. Avid Reader



Salon Life

 I always bring a sunny disposition to any room. Being a Winter Springs/Oviedo native I am very involved in the communtity and have many ties to the area. Having extensive training in many different aspects of haircare, hairstyling and makeup, I can equip each individual client with products and services that will allow for their best hair yet!

As a previous educator for multiple brands, I can provide you with one- of- a - kind superior color and extension services.  I come from a background in photography and being a concierge with Disney, with my attention to detail I can provide you with the perfect picture look and top notch client service!


Personal Life

My personal life is filled with love, laughter, smiles, tears, stress, and passion. All things I wouldnt trade for the world. I am a firefighter wife, and mother to two amazing childen! You'll get to know Charlotte and Gunner thru stories while sitting in my chair. 

I love to binge watch whatever is popular on Netflix, Hulu, HBO or Showtime. I am an avid Below Deck watcher, Dexter Fan and can never not watch the Office if it is on.

Saturday and Sunday are "Family Days"! With a husband on duty and my in the salon, we take the weekends to do something "Florida" with the kids! We love the beach, parks, Disney, Seaworld and Science Center.

I hope you're a foodie too! I love to chat about the latest restaurant and recipes you have found. 

Personally, I am on this planet for a short time, so I am here to make it a good time!

Cant wait to meet you!

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