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Modern Color Services

Every single woman in my chair is unique... your hair should be too!!!

Customizable services designed for all Your hair goals!
Looking for a bright dimensional blonde, the Modern Blonding menu is for you!
Looking for the latest “expensive brunette” check out the Lived In category
Are you a Basic Babe who needs a root cover or a simple partial highlight, my traditional menu is going to be your jam


-Are you looking to be known 

as a blonde?

-Are you naturally dark

-Do you need lots of babylights, brightness on your ends or 

Service length: 3-5hrs

Image by Ivan Dodig
I'm Ready to be Blonde

Lived- In

Service Length1.5-3 hours

-Do you love your base color?

-Are you naturally dark or wanting to have an easy grow out?

-Do you like to come into the salon every 5-8 months?

Image by Tamara Bellis
Less Maintenance, Lets Go!


Service Length: 45 min- 2 Hours

-Just need those pesky greys covered?

-I only do basic partial highlights, nothing fancy

-Maybe you just need a fun mini highlight... no toners, grey coverage or anything else...

Image by Guillaume Bolduc
Basic and Proud! Lets do it!
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