Payment Plans

I get it love, we are in a crazy world and economy right now. The thought of dropping alot of money up front is scary! Thats why I decided to offer you a payment plan option! 

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PAYMENT PLANS:  I have a few different payment options for a NEW INSTALL, what is a new install exactly? Well this would be the initial investment of the cost of the hair, the actual installation service, cutting, blending and a goodie bag of hair care items... usually this service ranges from $800-$2500. So with the payment option, I will be using a third party company ( to assist you in making your payments directly, and securely, thru them. You can use a credit card, bank card or bank account number to do so!


You must request this option below by filling out the Pre-Visit Consultation form then we will set you up for a consultation in my chair, to decide 1) how much hair you will need 2) how many rows you will need 3) are you a candidate for extensions 4) are you and I a good fit together. 

I pride myself on making every new guest my friend, and building a professional relationship is done on TRUST. With that being said, not every person that sits in my chair is going to be my client, and thats ok! There are alot of stylists out there, I promise you will find one that better suits you!

Here's the tea:

But, like with anything, rules must be kept in place to protect me, my business, and you! So here's the deal. You will set up your 

payment plan via a third party ( using your credit card, bank card or ACH number. A minumum of 45% must be your deposit. This will secure your appointment.

Once that deposit is made, we will make your appointment at the time, but please understand, you will not get an appointment that same day, it may take you two weeks to get in. This also allows your account to "mature".

Once I see your deposit and first payment come thru, then you will have you appointment in my chair. During this appointment, we will get your new hair installed, blended cut and more! If you love the payment plan option, I will also have memberships for you to keep your monthly payments low while receiving your move ups regularly thru out the year.